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6 ways to elevate your brand at the point of shipping and beyond.

This is all achievable and it’s not rocket science. In fact a lot of it is common sense. But be creative with your identity where you can and it won’t go unnoticed.

1. Apply branding to your delivery boxes

If you use enough of them, take advantage of every side. And if you’ve a desirable product, with a decent budget, look at the way Apple creatively apply their branding. Turning the process of opening a box into a theatrical pleasure. But at the very least, reinforce your identity and stick on a branded label.

2. Get your packaging tape branded

Again, if you use enough of the stuff to warrant the expenditure, consider branding it with your own creative message. You’ll be amazed at how quickly that ongoing despatch of manila becomes undeniably ‘yours’.

3. Put a little something extra in the box

You’ll obviously be adding a well-designed creative brochure and any relevant company literature. But what about a hand-signed thank you card? Or a packet of sweets? Especially if they fit in with your branding. It’s a great way of showing that you care.

4. Call your customer to check it arrived

Another great way to demonstrate what doing business with you really means. So make sure you know when it will arrive and diarise that call. If there’s something wrong, they’ll tell you, so that you can put things right, quickly. And if all’s well, it’s a plus for your brand. And you’ve got the opportunity to see if there’s anything else you can help with.

5. Call later to find out how the product was

But give them time to use it. And take onboard all feedback. Identifying further sales opportunities of course. I heard a story of an online shoe salesman in the USA who did this. His customers were amazed that he was taking the time to do this, when his competitors weren’t. He found out what they liked and what they didn’t like and helped them to pick the right shoes. All backed up with a free collection service and a money back guarantee if they weren’t happy with them. It worked wonders for his brand. And created loyal customers that multiplied his income.

6. Keep in touch

You’ve captured their details, so make sure they’re on your mailing list to receive future branded material. Like direct marketing, your newsletter by email, a Christmas card, a birthday card etc.

About the author:
Phil Armstrong is an award-winning Art Director and Designer with over 25 years experience in brand design, marketing and advertising. He works directly or through design and advertising agencies for clients and brands throughout the world and can be reached or commissioned by clicking here.

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